Jovenes Clasicos del Son

Jovenes Clasicos del Son was formed in 1994 by Ernesto Reyes Proenza "Palma".
They are a 7 piece band playing acoustic instruments in the tradition of Cuban Son music.
Son music derives from the Son Clave - an ancient West african bell pattern. Cuban music is heavily influenced by African rhythms since these rhythms were brought to Cuba by slaves brought from West Africa to work the plantations. African rhythms and bell patterns were fused with European instruments and har
mony to create Cuba's unique sound.

Jovenes Clasicos del Son is recognised as one of the new pioneers of Cuban music, continuing the tradition made world famous by the Buena Vista Social Club.

They have collaborated with Compay Sugundo, Winston Martalis, Vocal Sampling, Peter Gabriel and others.
In Cuba they are also known as the Magnificent Seven - for their innovative approach to traditional musical forms, mixing elements of Son, Rumba, Latin Jazz and numerous other influences to create their unique sound..

In 1997 they were awarded the prize of Best Cuban Group
In 2005 they were again voted Best Cuban Dance Group.

1999 - Fruta Bomba
"Young son rebels"
- Straight No Chaser

2003 - Tambor en Alma
"... this exciting, fresh new son/salsa-Cubana release ... is a slamming in-your-face explosion of a new generation son...Very highly recommended."

2006 - Menos Joves, Mas Clasicos
"a fresh and modern sound, fusing flamenco, jazz and folk music elements."

Director, Double Bass & Chorus -
Ernesto Reyes Proenza "Palma"
Vocal Lead & Percussion -
Pedro Lugo Martinez "El Nene"
Guitar & Chorus -
Osnel Rodriguez Otero
Tres & Chorus -
Cesar Lozada Labrada
Trumpet, Guiro, Percussion & Chorus -
Robin Felix Martinez Galvez
Bongos, Percussion & Chorus -
Minel Oreste West Melendez
Congas (Tumbas) & Percussion -
Roberto Javier Arderi Cuza